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Best practices from branches

Best practices from AAUW Ohio branches


  • Sandusky Branch advertises meetings in the free “Community Column” of its local newspaper a few days before it meets each month to attract new members and guests and encourages members to bring guests to each meeting.
  • Heights-Hillcrest-Lyndhurst Branch promoted its activities and meetings in the CWRU Graduate Student Senate Review Newsletter. Read more here.



  • Sandusky Branch has a silent auction at Christmas time. Each member brings an item for bid.
  • Sandusky Branch also has a consignment store in Sandusky where members donate gently used items. The branch gets half of the purchase price of every item sold.
  • Sandusky‘s Elder-Beerman store has a “Care to Share” day twice a year. The branch sells $5 tickets that give customers a $10 coupon off anything in the store for that day. The branch is allowed to keep the $5, which it uses to send girls to Be Wise Camp each June.
  • Medina County Branch has raised money for its scholarship fund by sponsoring events such as a talk by Plain Dealer columnist Connie Schultz and a production of “A Christmas Carol.”
  • Looking for creative ways to raise funds for your branch? AAUW partners Better World Books, The Princeton Review, VirtuArte, and World Medical Card all include fundraising programming for your branch. Contact Cordy Galligan, AAUW director of corporate relationships, today to learn more.