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Joann Benseler gives out Starz Awards

Forms from AAUW Ohio

AAUW Ohio branch officers and members can download the forms they need from this page. You can also download AAUW Ohio Bylaws 2016.

  • State Leader Speaker Request FormThis form is designed to better track and accommodate branch speaker requests. It allows for the branches to request a specific Board member and a specific topic. It also allows the option to be flexible.
  • Application for Nominations: Fill out this form if you would like to nominate someone to fill a position on the AAUW Ohio Board of Directors. Open positions are noted on the form.
  • Branch Officers Form: Each branch should fill out this form and send copies to AAUW National and AAUW Ohio. Send your AAUW Ohio copies to Kaylee Brinkman-Pavel and Christine Siebeneck.
  • Individual Membership Application: Individuals can join AAUW National by completing this form and paying online. Get information about joining AAUW Ohio here and find an Ohio branch near you.
  • AAUW Ohio Voucher Form: Complete this form to be reimbursed for AAUW-related expenses.
  • Additional Dues Remittance Form: Use the Additional Dues Remittance Form to remit dues for those members not listed on the BDR, late renewals, new members and transfers.
  • Starz Award Application Form and Explanation: The Starz Program is designed to encourage communication between branches and between branches and the state board. Starz Awards acknowledge those efforts. Contact STARZ Program Co-chair JoAnn Benseler for more information.
  • Communication Star Award Form: Download the Communication Star Entry Form as a Word document or as a PDF. This award is designed to encourage branches to use a variety of media to communicate with members and to recognize those who do that effectively. Branch newsletters, websites and use of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, can be entered — and we encourage you to submit examples of all of the communication media you use.Winners are announced at our annual state convention. Read more about the award.

Forms from AAUW National

To get forms from AAUW National, log in to the website, click on Resources, then on Forms. You will find links to a variety of forms on that page.

If you click on the link for Member, State, and Branch Forms, you can download or fill out the following forms:

  • Branch Officer Form (Word)
  • Supply Order Form (Word)
  • Honorary Life Membership Application Form (Word)
  • Mailing List Order Form (An electronic form you submit online)