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AAUW Ohio Board and Staff

Contact AAUW Ohio

AAUW Ohio Inc.
P.O. Box 593
Kalida, OH 45853

Want a speaker from the State Board?

If you would like to request a speaker from our State Board for one of your upcoming branch meetings, please fill out our State Leaker Speaker Request Form.

Find an AAUW Ohio Branch

Christine Siebeneck

AAUW Ohio President Christine Siebeneck

AAUW Ohio Board

President: Christine Siebeneck

Branch Officers Form: Each branch should fill out this form and send copies to AAUW National and AAUW Ohio. Send your AAUW Ohio copies to Kaylee Brinkman-Pavel and Christine Siebeneck.

Program Vice President:  Jo Dye

Send your Branch Program Booklets by Nov. 1 to Jo Dye, Program Vice President, at 645 North Court St., Circleville, OH 43113.

Membership Vice President: Cheri Crothers

Individuals can join AAUW National or renew their national membership at this link. Get information about joining AAUW Ohio and find an Ohio branch near you.

Reminder: Pay your AAUW Ohio dues by July 1 of each year

Branch Guide to Submitting State DuesSend AAUW branch dues to Renee Spiker at AAUW Ohio, 1005 Somers St., Zanesville, OH 43701.

Fundraising Vice President: Deborah Wooldridge

Finance Officer:  Renee Spiker. Handles reports, budgets, filing deadlines, and bill pay. Also handles receiving and verifying branch dues, and verifying membership counts. Send AAUW dues to Renee Spiker at AAUW Ohio, 1005 Somers St., Zanesville, OH 43701. Get news and tips for branch finance officers.

Recording Secretary: Brittany Joseph

Parliamentarian/ByLaws/Resolutions: Nancy Stellhorn

Download AAUW of Ohio Bylaws 2016.

College/University Relations Chair: Taylor Price

View the list of AAUW Ohio College/University Partners.

Public Policy Chair: Vacant

Get details about AAUW Ohio advocacy efforts and links to more advocacy information.

Diversity Chair: Sally Dye

Nominations Chair:  Deborah Wooldridge

AAUW Ohio State Board Nomination Form: Fill out this form if you would like to nominate someone to fill a position on the AAUW Ohio Board of Directors. Open positions are noted on the form.

STEM Ohio Chair

Deborah Wooldridge
79 Nottingham Cross
Bowling Green, OH 43401

AAUW Ohio Staff

Administrative Coordinator:
Kaylee Brinkman-Pavel

Public Policy Advocate

Public Information Officer, Communications Chair and Ohio Orbit Editor/Web Manager:
Paula Maggio

Special Projects

2018 Equity Day & Convention: March 23-24, 2018
Christopher Conference Center at the Quality Inn, 20 N. Plaza Blvd., Chillicothe, Ohio
Jo Dye

STARZ Program Chair
JoAnn Benseler

Starz Award Application Form and Explanation: The Starz Program is designed to encourage communication between branches and between branches and the state board. Starz Awards acknowledge those efforts.

AAUW Ohio District Coordinators

Southeast District Coordinator: Maryjo Flamm-Miller

Southwest District Coordinator: Kathie Harbaugh

Northwest District Coordinator:  M.Yvette Darden

Northeast District Coordinator: Vacant 

Central District Co-Coordinator:  JoAnn Benseler

Forms from AAUW Ohio

AAUW Ohio branch officers and members can download the forms they need from this page.

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  1. Paula Maggio permalink*
    June 15, 2017

    Please submit an abstract of your post to, along with a brief bio of the author.

  2. William8 permalink
    June 7, 2017

    Hello, do you allow guest posting on ? 🙂 Please let me know on my e-mail

  3. Paula Maggio permalink
    January 24, 2014

    Yes. I am planning on it.

  4. Cindy Weisheit permalink
    January 15, 2014

    Hi Paula, Could you put something in the Orbit about Medina Honoring Nancy Sprowls for being a member 50 years? You probably already did. But if you need photos, Pat Chaloupek has them. We honored Nancy at our Diversity Dinner in December.
    Thank you.

  5. Deborah Wooldridge permalink
    January 24, 2011

    Program booklets are sent to the VP for Programming as they have been in the past. The address for the 2016-2017 Program VP is:
    Jo Dye, 645 North Court St., Circleville, OH 43113

  6. Jane Morner permalink
    January 11, 2011

    We would like some info as to where and when to send our program booklets to the officers of AAUW/OHIO . Thanks! – Jane Morner

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