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AAUW Ohio Voting Record 2012

Update: Get AAUW Ohio Voting Record 2014

While all eyes have been on the presidential race, our local state legislators have been busy during the past two years passing bills that greatly diminish funding for public education, reduce women’s reproductive health rights and restrict the right to vote.

Many of these decisions have gone under the radar, which motivated AAUW Ohio to develop an AAUW of Ohio Voting Record 2012 that does two things. It reviews important bills passed in these areas, and it scores Ohio legislators on whether they voted in keeping with the AAUW Public Policy Program.

Find out how your legislators voted

To learn how your  local Ohio House and Senate members voted on these bills, start at our AAUW Ohio Voting Record 2012: Branch and District Breakout page. Find your nearest city or branch in the list on that page, which is divided by districts, then click on the link(s) that will take you to the applicable Senate and House of Representatives District Voting Record charts.

More on the AAUW Ohio Voting Record Project

In our AAUW Ohio Voting Record Project 2012 Overview, you will find:

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Project background

AAUW Ohio is the first state organization to develop a voting record covering its state legislature.  It mirrors the national AAUW Voting Record, which has been published annually since 1981.  Our national work builds on 130 years of participation in the political process.  AAUW believes that true equity requires a balance between the rights of the individual and the needs of the community.

The AAUW Public Policy Program clearly outlines our broader national principles and priorities that support our mission of  “advancing equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.”

More AAUW Ohio Voting Record Resources

Create your Branch Voting Record:

If you would prefer to develop a smaller format Branch Voting Record that features only your local legislators, you can use the resources below. If you don’t want to create your own, you can use the report available on the AAUW Ohio Voting Record: Branch and District Breakout page that applies to your branch district. It provides a comprehensive look at legislative voting records district-wide.

Publicize the AAUW Ohio Voting Record project:

Other Resources
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