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12 Ways to Get Involved with AAUW

From sending an email to a legislator to sharing an issue on social media to making a donation. First step: Become a Two-Minute Activist.11083996_10153532117831487_973327233519148599_o

AAUW Action Fund

This fund advances equity for women and girls through member activism and voter mobilization. Since 1881, AAUW has been the nation’s leading voice promoting education and equity for women and girls.

Statewide Public Policy Advocacy Efforts

AAUW Ohio Public Policy Advocate: Karen Rainey testifies on our behalf at pertinent hearings at the Statehouse in Columbus. Testimony is available on this page.

Statewide Projects

Statewide Links

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  1. Michel Coconis permalink
    December 20, 2017

    I thank you for the great salary negotiation workshop I attended recently here in Columbus at the 400. I was inspired to look for membership but was floored by the $72 fee. As a long-time NOW member and social worker, the fee for that along with my license, CEU, and other job and activism related work seems out of kilter with “empowering” women. True, I have an advanced degree but that doesn’t speak to my circumstances and, perhaps, those of others as regarding current income or employment. I could be a University Women on disability and this membership would be prohibitive. I had hoped to join and to place my name into nomination for the VP of Philanthropy since I have a lot of experience for both university teaching/service-learning as philanthropy as well as serving on many boards and reviewing grants and raising funds in a myriad of manners. It is a little strange, I would also agree, to throw my hat into a ring where I know few and you don’t know me but I figured I’d be vetted. In a way, I have been as I cannot pay the fee, or at least all at once, nor do I use credit cards – unbelievable as that may seem. Thanks for your work.

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