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NEWLittleBookCover_FrontColor_001Making History Project

AAUW Ohio is involved in numerous projects throughout the year, including a lauded state-wide project called  the Making History Project. It is designed to improve social studies scores on the Ohio Graduation Test.

Stop Trafficking

AAUW Ohio and its branches are working together to end human trafficking in our state. Get resources to Stop Trafficking in Ohio.

AAUW Ohio Voting Record

AAUW Ohio is the first state organization to develop a voting record covering its state legislature. Find out how your representative voted on key issues by visiting AAUW Ohio Voting Record 2014.

Tech Trek at Bowling Green State Universitytech trek bgsu logo

Tech Trek Camp at Bowling Green State University is powered by AAUW and is in its third year. The program has served 100 girls in Ohio and hopes to serve 50 more campers this summer. Read more.