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How ACA repeal will affect women: A fact sheet, a meeting, and sample tweets

2017 February 11

ACA Impact on Women Fact Sheet Social Media Toolkit

 Under a new president and Congress, lawmakers have vowed to push forward with a repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), jeopardizing the healthcare coverage of nearly 1 million Ohioans. If the ACA is repealed without a viable replacement, Ohio women stand to lose access to affordable healthcare coverage and vital services for reproductive, preventative, and primary health.

The Ohio Women’s Public Policy Network created a fact sheet to show how women have benefited from the ACA, and what exactly is at stake if it is repealed. The fact sheet is available online as a PDF.

Columbus meeting on ACA

In addition, Feb. 12 at 6 p.m., Columbus City Council President Zach Klein is hosting a community discussion on the potential impact of an Affordable Care Act repeal, how to utilize local resources and advocate for access to healthcare.  Here’s the Facebook link for more details about the free event and how to reserve tickets.

Meanwhile, consider tweeting about this using one or more of the sample tweets below.

Sample Tweets on ACA

  • #ACARepeal may cost millions for states like OH receiving fed funds via Medicaid expansion. What else is at stake?
  • It’s vital to let lawmakers know an #ACARepeal is dangerous & harmful for women & families. #ProtectOurCare
  • The stakes are high, particularly for women, if the #ACA is repealed. #ProtectOurCare #WhatsAtStake
  • The #ACA has greatly benefited women. Find out exactly #whatsatstake for women under #ACARepeal #ProtectOurCare
  • Millions of women gained access to affordable healthcare under #ACA. #ProtectOurCare #WhatsAtStake
  • Incr access to care for women of color contributes to reducing health disparities #ProtectOurCare #WhatsAtStake
  • Thanks to the #ACA, more young women have been able to access coverage #ProtectOurCare #WhatsAtStake
  • Under the #ACA: Women no longer charged more for coverage simply bc they’re women #ProtectOurCare #WhatsAtStake
  • The #ACA guarantees women coverage for preventive services such as birth control w/o copays #ProtectOurCare
  • The #ACA protects against insurance discrimination for survivors of DV. #ProtectOurCare #WhatsAtStake
  • Under the #ACA: maternity care coverage is guaranteed w/o extra cost to women #ProtectOurCare #WhatAtStake
  • The #ACA requires employers to accommodate nursing mothers in the workplace #ProtectOurCare #WhatsAtStake
  • Women can no longer be denied coverage, charged more b/c of pre- existing condition #ProtectOurCare #WhatsAtStake
  • Insurance companies can no longer discriminate, deny coverage for gender-related health conditions #ProtectOurCare
  • Under #ACA, low & middle-income women provided financial assistance to purchase health coverage #ProtectOurCare
  • Under #ACA, low-income women receive care from providers like PP via Medicaid reimb & Title X #ProtectOurCare

Hashtags to use in your tweets

#ProtectOurCare #WhatsAtStake #ACA #ACARepeal


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